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Have you ever thought of earning money by just sharing a link? That unbelievable task is possible with It offers one to earn money by sharing link in multiple sites. One needs to shorten the link through The link is connected with advertising network giving one ample chances to earn money every time one visits the specific ad. - monetization of your external and internal links and this Link Shortener Will Make You Earn More Money .


How to Join this?

The gateway of is simple. One just needs to register name through a valid e-mail id and password. also provides chances to join via Facebook. In both cases, one has to verify their accounts in certain process.


How to make money with this site asks one to provide a link. That link will be shortened by the site. They will turn the link into earning ones by adding an ad layer.  Visitors will see an ad before reaching a destination page. It will open earning opportunities. More the ad gets displayed, more financial opportunities are opened. Besides that, is offering extra income opportunities. One who will present the site to world by inviting others, will earn 20% of your invited users’ income - lifetime, without any limits!


Reasons to Join

1. You will get many tools of Monetization which is easy to use without any technical knowledge. You can Earn from every visitor who visits your site. 

2. Premium Ads for Good global Traffic with Good CPM rates .

3. Real Time Statistics to map and monitor your performance Chart so you can take faster decision.

4. it's one of Most Trusted shorten link site after and Linkbucks.

5. Multiple payment Methods such as PayPal, Payoneer and Webmoney. Threshold is between $10 to $20 as per payment Gateways.

6. Payment always on Time - 10th of every month Monetization Tools :

Full Page Script - This Tool allow webmaster or blogger to convert all external links of a website or blogs into money links. No need to always login into account and short one by one.


Social Widget Share - this is wonderful plugin for blogger. Add into your website and whenever any visitor share your blog post, they will share through which means money links is shared in facebook, Twitter and google plus.


Mass Shrinker - This Tool shrink your all links with one click. for that you need to create a list of your links.


Developers API - if you are programer or developer than API is best way to use services. You have full freedom to make any changes according to your needs. 


Wordpress Plugin - This Earning website also provide Plugin for Wordpress user. Just Install plugin in your WP and shart converting  or shrinking links according to your choice. with one click install all services of platform in your wordpress site.


Blogspot Comments Script - there is special Scirpt for blogger user to earn money from your comments. Maximum user share some links through comment or spam with links. but you can monetize those links with this script easily. No need of worry now.



Traffic Accepted:

Normal & Adult Traffic Accepted

Ad Formats:

Intermission Ads

Minimum Payout:

10 $

Payment Frequency:   

10th of Every month

Payment Methods:

PayPal, Payoneer, Webmoney

Network Popularity:    

Very High

Affiliate Program :

20% commission Life Long from Advertiser & Publisher. 

Website URL:

Shorten Link :




  • Simple, convenient earning scope.
  • 20% commission on each invited user’s income.
  • Wide range of tools such as banners, links or tutorials that can be used to invite new users to
  • Minimum payout is only $10 thorough Paypal and 20 $ from Payoneer.




Highly Converting Ads

Well-suited, safe and good quality advertisements.

Payout on time.

Global and trusted payment platforms.

Dedicated Customer Agent.

Helpful assistants are always provided.

Wide range of monetization

Tools for publishers.



Annoying for visitor, Some time Annoying blog owner too.

This is My one more Advice to you to choose monetization tool carefully. as per your need or what kind of Audience you targeting with your blog content.


Legit or Scam: has more than 420,015 registered users. It has reach over 100 countries. This is 100% legit website with my own experience. I using this site from last 3 or 4 years. i have around 1000 Referrals. I Got All payment timely on 10th of every month. Never late. Here is Look :



 In Paytwa whatever i share ..... Mostly i have a experience with those products or sites.. you can trust on me because i have more than 5 year online experience with money making sites.

I must Say , is highly reliable to kick start your online earning. Top Url Shortener Websites To Earn Money Scam Free Sources  and Url Shortener Service for Adult website and blogs - MoneyLinks Make Extra Income .

|Published on December 15, 2015


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