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What is ?

In a nutshell, is a platform to earn money online. They ask one to create or shorten a link, which will be shared online. Each time the created or shortened link gets visited, one will earn money proportionately.


How to join this?

There is no complex procedure to join in One just has to sign up for free to enjoy the free and easy online earning opportunity.


How to make money with

There are two procedures. First, one is to create a link through and then share it in several sites for maximum visits. More visitors will draw more earning scopes. In this process, one will be paid once one reaches $10.00. Linkbucks is a free service that pays web users for the links they share. The sponsorship deals with top advertisers allow them to display their ads when visitors are linked to a page.


You will find there are two Ad types in Linkbucks.

First Intermission - Shows an Ad before the visiting site.

2nd Pop Under - Pop Under links are paid links intended to be displayed in a pop under windows created by your site or ad network.


The second one is referral procedure. In this process, one needs to tell visitors, friends about Linkbucks. It will give 20% of the earnings of every new member plus 5% of the earnings from the members.


Network Type:

Normal & Adult

Ad Formats:

Intermission and Popunder

Minimum Payout:

10 $

Payment Frequency:

Instant ( As you Reach minimum Payout limit Ask for payout )

Payment Methods:

Affiliate Program :

20% commission Life Long from Advertiser & Publisher.

Network Popularity: 


Website URL:




·     Payments are sent out twice per month.

·     Freedom to choose ad types.

·     Chance to earn money by minute.

·     Pay rate is above the industry standard.

·     The minimum amount to withdrawal is $10.00.

·     Payment through PayPal, Payoneer.



·     Easy to use.

·     No code knowledge required.

·     Provides opportunity to control one's advertising.



·     Limited Payment options.

·     Ads subjected to disturbance.


Payment Proof :

Is Linkbucks Good For Advertiser ?

Yes, Linkbucks is very good advertising network for Any Advertiser. Linkbucks Accept all kind of ads. Whether it is Normal ads or Adult ads. We call it one of most cost effective Advertising whose motive is to generate maximum Traffic with minimum cost.


Advertising on linkbucks is very easy.

1. Sign in Your Account.

2. Go to Advertiser Tab ( top Menu ).

3. Create Campaign.

4. Add Funds in Advertising Account ( Deposit fund Run your ads ).

5. Select country to Bid for ads ( Bidding system which allows advertiser to buy more traffic and provides better flexibility for Campaign management. )

6. For More Details


Legit or Scam being one of the oldest services in the trade is a trustworthy name. They have been in business since 2005. Strong reach among users is's backbone. More Than 10,00,000 Advertiser and publisher's in this advertising network. Paid more than $10 Million to Publisher till now. You Can Trust this Ads network but don't try to make any short cuts or Try to Cheat the system. Many Did that but sooner or later they got banned.


Individuals who are looking to make money online can be a great option

|Published on September 12, 2015


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